Industry Sectors


Roclin provides a complete component and product sourcing and supply service to manufacturers with a requirement for metal, plastic, glass or ceramic parts. Our engineering know-how combined with low-cost sourcing and quality control expertise make Roclin the ideal partner for cost down and quality up global supply efforts. 

Importers & Distributors 

Roclin supply customised products and unique manufacturing solutions to leading product designers, importers, distributors and selected retailers worldwide. Our experience in low-cost manufacturing at all levels make us the ideal partner to realise unique products with ongoing quality control. We do the heavy lifting in sourcing, tooling, sampling, setup, production management, quality control and logistics. So you can focus on what you do best in product design, merchandising, marketing, distribution and customer service. 

Building & Construction 

Building contractors need to meet strict deadlines and quality requirements with low-cost materials in order to win increasing competitive construction contracts. Roclin delivers with guaranteed lead-times, and quality assured products from factories certified to relevant building standards.