About Us

Company Philosophy

Roclin’s name derives from a combination of the founder’s surname and the word ‘client’. Building close partnerships with clients based on delivering value and earning absolute trust is deeply embedded in our DNA.
As is a professional consulting approach that analyses client’s business needs and risks and delivers unique manufacturing solutions tailored to address them.

If you’re looking for a true partner dedicated to making your business more competitive through lowest-cost sourcing while improving quality over time, you’ve come to the right place.

All of this is encapsulated in three simple words we use to describe our company’s mission: Sourcing Value Together.

Company History 

Roclin developed from consulting work the founder (Nick Rossiter) was doing in Shanghai, China in 2004. Convinced that companies needed a more tailored and professional approach in order to realise the tremendous competitive benefits of lowest-cost global sourcing, he setup Roclin with a small local sourcing team and one customer. In order to deliver on our quality promise we quickly moved our office to the Pearl River Delta region of China which had the longest export experience and highest quality. Through client referrals the business quickly grew to over a dozen close client partnerships on four continents, with experienced local representatives capable of delivering on Roclin’s promise of local service with lowest global prices. Initially serving manufacturers with quality-assured components, we have grown to supply a wide array of metal, plastic, glass and ceramic-based products to all kinds of product companies and distributors. A recent growth area has been in serving the special time-sensitive and project-specific needs of building contractors. Over the years we have further developed our engineering and project-management expertise, hiring experienced engineers and technical managers. Remaining trued to our original vision of a tailored and professional approach to lowest-cost global sourcing, today more than ever Roclin and our clients are Sourcing value together.

Key Events

2004 – Roclin’s founder completes MBA, having studied at leading business schools in global manufacturing centres Japan (IUJ), Germany (WHU) and China (CEIBS).
2004 – Founder based in Shanghai provides consulting to Western companies struggling to realise the low-cost benefits of China
2005 – Roclin formed in Shanghai to provide a more tailored & professional approach to lowest-cost global sourcing
2006 – Roclin moves to Zhuhai in China’s Pearl River Delta to be closer to highest-quality factories
2008 – Roclin struggles with breakneck pace of growth, a challenging period that led to development of more efficient & scalable systems and processes enjoyed by clients today
2010 – Record growth as clients that had run stocks down during the GFC rebuild their inventories
2011 – Roclin helps client make glass for unique touch-screen kiosk
2012 – Roclin moves to larger office to meet growing demand mostly from existing clients
2013 – Roclin appoints first external China General Manager, as founder moves to Executive Chairman role
2014 – Roclin helps manufacturing client capture major new market through innovative use of new materials in showers
2015 – Roclin supplies key products for landmark Baltimore Wharf project in London’s Canary Wharf, amongst many others
2016 – Roclin successfully builds complete balcony systems for European client following 6 month challenging development project
2017 – In the face of rising global commodity prices, Roclin finds new innovative ways to reduce costs and improve client competitiveness