Achieving High-End Quality At Lower Cost

The challenge of maintaining high-end quality.

Roclin was approached by a high-end European bathroom products manufacturer. Their brand has become synonymous with quality over the last thirty years. Consequently the client was most anxious to ensure that their cost-reduction efforts in off-shoring their supply of components would not impact their quality-leader market position.

So they turned to Roclin to provide high-quality sourced products from Asia.

Roclin responded by contacting over 100 potential suppliers of the required component in low-cost countries, along with numerous local industry buyers, suppliers and experts.

Later, Roclin conducted in-depth research including speaking to current and former clients of the potential factories. Eventually, Roclin created a short list of preferential factories and then we visited the short-listed factories and spoke with management there.

This effort was undertaken to assist with the supplier selection, as not every factory is suitable.

Ultimately Roclin were able to identify one leading factory with the required equipment, skills and experience as the primary factory for supply. A secondary backup factory was also identified to safeguard continuity of supply. Customised training and manufacturing processes and quality control processes were then put in place.  This included specialized quality plans, documentation plans, new packaging and logistical solutions.

Roclin then worked with the factory staff to improve their quality standards as well as their quality control procedures.

As a result, strict on-site quality checking was implemented by Roclin QC staff, to ensure that any problems were rectified at the overseas factory site.
Within months, savings on the order of 50%, representing over US$1,000,000 annually were delivered.  At the same time, higher quality and lower reject rates were achieved relative to the client’s previous European suppliers. Currently, this successful relationship continues and Roclin is now working with the client to extend these savings and quality improvements across the board to numerous other components and products.